Chess of Blades Prologue Preview + Review

Chess of Blades is a BL game up on Kickstarter.

I was contacted by Argent Games to do a write-up of this game.

But even so, I’m going to be honest about my feelings about the prologue I played. That’s my duty as a reviewer.




He is our protagonist and if I’m being honest, he’s insufferable. I’m sure the way these games are written he’s supposed to soften up as the story goes along, but in the prologue I played he’s such a brat that I’m not really enjoying being an avatar to him. He’s rude to literally everyone he interacts with. I don’t fancy being an obnoxious noble at all.


He is one of the love interests. He seems like a nice guy. Even when Rivian is being rude he’s still a gentleman about it. Why? I don’t know. They were apparently friends from way back but why would you be friends with someone who treats you like shit?


I always welcome darker skinned men. Always.

But Franz fell into the typical “foreigner” trope. This is his first CG:


Nope, not digging that at all. I hate that when we have “foreigners” they are just “so open” and so “different” from the prudish European-eque morality. Like who in the hell would do something like that when they first meet someone? No one.

He’s hot as hell, much kudos to the artist, but the way he’s written is just not doing it for me.


The Plot

Well, there isn’t enough to comment on. Franz seems to know more than he lets on, and apparently there’s going to be murders and it’s up to Rivian to figure them out… or something. All that really happens in the demo is that Rivian is a butt, he whines and acts like a jerk, Franz grinds his dick in his ass (okay that doesn’t actually happen but it sure looks like it) and talks about how there’s nobles and people who don’t like those nobles at this grand shindig.

I would have liked at least a murder or something to get me hooked. As is, it doesn’t do much to interest the reader into reading more. There should have been a little more of the plot revealed.

However, the writing itself is good. The character’s personalities are communicated clearly, even if I don’t particularly like them.

The Music

I had to put this special note here because the music is fantastic! I loved all of the tracks featured in the demo!

The Art

The art is also fantastic! The backgrounds are gorgeous and the characters look amazing. The atmosphere of a grand ball and snotty nobles is captured perfectly.


I would buy this game on sale, but as is, so far, nothing really draws me in enough to pitch into the Kickstarter beyond a dollar of support. I wish them success, however! More visual novels to play is only ever a good thing in this world.

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