Shall We Date? Oz+ Wesley Route Mini Review

Hmmm. Wesley’s route is out. Oz’s was super creepy, but I’ll the game another chance! Let’s see if they do the older man trope any better. I mean, he’s got gray in his hair and MC is 16… they’re gonna have to do this carefully.

*opens chapter 1*



14 thoughts on “Shall We Date? Oz+ Wesley Route Mini Review”

  1. Like Miss J is perfect for this what in the hell

    btw, strawbarely, I made an executive decision and gave it zero hearts because that is some bullllllllllssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  2. When Strawbarely was playing this she kept sending me screencaps and I would sit there in horror of what I was reading. You know, as a teenager (who I think this is targeted to) I was pretty dumb and I liked older men love interests because, you know, ~experience~ and the like

    but this is straight up predatory

    If you’re going to write a May/December romance with the lead that young (and tbh she’s so stupid she is more like 16 going on 12) it’s basically going to be the most delicate balancing act in history. Too much one way and it’s grooming. Too much the other and it’s predatory. The only surefire way to avoid this balancing act is to age up your lead to at least 20 or so, enough that she’s lived out her teenage years and experienced a little and knows what she wants out of the world. Not saying it can’t be done with a younger girl — so long as she’s more mature than her age. Of which, this heroine, is obviously not.

    Anyway, went on a rant on Strawbarely’s post LOL sorryyyyyyy~

  3. That’s a fair decision and I support it.

    Can we add a heart rating called “Why don’t you have a seat over there”?


    Also, he’s a wizard so he’s probably like 150 years old or something. Even aside from that, he’s clearly meant to be in his 30s at least. The power imbalance is totally insane.

    Just, no.

  5. He’s only going after her because ain’t no grown ass woman falling for his shit.

    *sips tea*

  6. I waited for this.

    I tried Wesley for a minute because I was desperate for the pretty art to produce a decent game.

    As soon as the first chapter game, I was laughing my ass off thinking of you guys. I really was.

    Sadly, while I’m not super old (Oz is certainly older), I actually work with teenagers and thinking that they may normalize a situation like this is really frightening.

  7. I’m happy you were laughing thinking of us, but I’m so very unhappy I had to play that route. Alas, it’s my lot in life to suffer for the internet. ;D

  8. Is it at least worth the laughs? Or is it still super creepy?

    I’m still weirded out by Norton in all of this.

    We acknowledge your sacrifice!

  9. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the laughs. His creepiness actually takes a sharp dip (praise be), but then instead he’s like “sad guy with issues MC needs to fix.”

  10. So I am going to be reading his route since I want to see if it’s even worth it. I’m starting to feel a little bad for the guy…

    I hope this comment comes through, I’ve been trying to comment on Humphrey’s and Leon’s post *sobs*.

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