Black Prince and Teased Princess by Minami Shiina Review

The full length title did not fit in the title bar. It is “Black Prince and Teased Princess: Forbidden Adult Picture Book”.

That, my friends, is a title.

A long title, of very specific nature.

I know what I’m getting with this title.

Yeaaaaapppp some smut with some innocent maiden getting corrupted with a fairytale theme. //wiggles eyebrows//

Anyway, this is consistently on the Bestseller list at Manga Renta, so I being curious decided to give it a try, even though the last time I went through with Manga Renta’s “suggestions” I ended up with the bomb “Is It Wrong to Sleep With My Best Friend’s Boyfriend…?” yes it is and if she is your best friend why are you even entertaining the option of hurting her like that

Ahem– I have feelings about that manga, if you couldn’t tell —

So the premise is that Arisu Tsumiki works at a publishing house. Her domain is in picture books, of which she adores. She works with four other men. The editor in chief and her boss, Rui, and her coworkers, Seiju, Ichirou, and Ryou.

One day Rui gives her a scolding for not getting an artist to turn in their illustrations on time and she goes to sulk in the storeroom. She finds a picture book with an odd cover and starts to read it. Rui comes in to find her and startles her, causing her to knock over some boxes. He protects her, but in the process she’s “sucked” into the book.

And she ends up in the world of the picture book.

It’s errr… well…

So she’s in the middle of this big ball. And this ball is being held to find the prince’s bride. While wandering around she meets a fairy who decides to help her out and teleport her directly to the prince. Except when she arrives they think she’s a witch and the guards try to apprehend her.

The prince stops them. He happens to look exactly like Rui. He’s sitting on his throne, looking out over his party.

Except it’s more umm….

Basically he wants a sensitive woman. And by sensitive, I don’t mean the emotionally sensitive kind. It’s basically a giant orgy involving all the bride wannabes and his guards.

He takes her and decides he’s going to find out how sensitive she is. This first scene is really iffy because she never actually gives consent. That just makes me feel icky. I like the strong guys that come on, but if you don’t treat being coquettish correctly, it comes off bad, which is what I think this first scene is. Anyway, they go at it and by the end he determines he wants her as his bride.

An assassin comes and tries to kill the prince. He protects her and in the process gets hurt. But she fades away and goes back to the real world. Where… she’s at Rui’s apartment?! He’s as freaked out as she is by this. But she goes home and to work the next day and starts reading the book. Rui comes to talk to her and she gets sucked back in because I don’t know why, plot convenience? One of the things that irked me is how she’s sucked in and out of the book at a whim without any sort of rule being set up.

This starts the process of the majority of the plot:

  1. Get sucked into book.
  2. “Oh my god where am I now?”
  3. “This man looks exactly like [insert coworker’s name]”
  4. “Oh no, I don’t want to have sex with you”
  5. “This feels really good”
  6. “oooh my body is so hot now ah ah ahhh”
  7. “ahhh my body’s going crazy”

She meets a wolf who has his way with her, then she tries to escape and meets a hunter who has his way with her, then the wolf comes and they both have their way with her.  A magician turns her into a “Thumbelina” and has his way with her… or something. He like pokes at her with his finger and rubs her or something. But he’s in love with her, of course, like all the others. She also is boned again by the prince several times, and when she goes back to the real world, she almost bones her boss but keeps getting sucked back to the book at the worst time.

The magician is jealous and clouds the memory of all the men and creates a fake Arisu to seduce the prince, even though he’s ruling by proxy… or something. There’s like a few pages spent on plot in between the smut and it’s not entirely clear what’s happening at times. But in any case, on one of her return trips she wants to save the prince, whom she’s fallen in love with, from the magician. But it’s not that easy. To enlist the help of the hunter and wolf, she has “awaken their memories” using the only power she has (hint — it’s between her legs). When she tries it on the prince, it doesn’t work, however.

The magician locks her in a tower and has his way with her, but the wolf, prince, and hunter save her. The prince kisses her and gets his memories back and thennnnnn of course she’s sucked back to the real world, where Rui is like “okay, I believe you now, but I’m going with you” when she is upset and has to get back to make sure the prince is okay.

It’s not finished yet, but we’re at the ending point.

I admit I had more fun reading to see what fairytales would be bastardized next rather than enjoy the rest of the plot. The art is serviceable. Be prepared for a lot of female nudity. There are a TON of steamy scenes and vary in terms of kink and heat. I didn’t find it exciting. Other readers may, though. I can see how the amount of steamy scenes and the harem of men who desire Arisu would be exciting for other people. The plot isn’t the best, but for something as steamy as this is, I suppose it’s better than what else is out there. I prefer my steamy romance to be 1 on 1/hero and heroine only, so her basically playing to all the men wasn’t my fancy.

She is obviously going to end up with either Rui or the prince, and despite being had by all the men, she’s pretty loyal to him… both? in her mind, so I suppose there’s some romance there. Not your usual romance, but romance.

Err… there was really nothing I could screencap here. Even the cover is mostly censor bars. nervous So umm yeah, it’s pretty explicit.

Basically you’re getting a lot of smut with a paper-thin plot to tie it together and if that’s your thing then give it a read.

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