Shall We Date: OZ+ Mini-Review

This is more of an aside, really.

+ The art is gorgeous

– What in the BANJO MUSIC?!

– Why do I need a boyfriend by my birthday? Like that is the most flimsy premise I have read in a looooooong time. They didn’t even TRY.

– Leonardo. Don’t they already have one of those already in another game? There’s also Leon, Leo, Lionel, Lio, Leonidas, Leonard or, you know, you could not do the obvious “Leo” connotation and use a name that has the meaning of lion or -gasp- not reference lion in the name at all!

– Let’s not act like Heartmann and Crowlie are good names either.

– Castle Winkies.

– C A S T L E  W I N K I E S

– CA– Okay I’ll stop

– I am not fond of the childhood friends trope tbh, and these three are basically all childhood friends.

– What is going on with Solomon’s crotch!?

Actually no, it’s more his legs. He has really really short legs… or something. No, it’s his crotch too. There’s no bulge it’s like negative bulge. itsreal

eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m  not sure who to pick or try. The only one who looked somewhat interesting to me is Oz and he’s not available yet. Blech.

I want to review someone… well, I guess I’ll do catboy because the other two look like they’re going to super annoy me to hell.


3 thoughts on “Shall We Date: OZ+ Mini-Review”

  1. i actually just started playing this because all the other games keep going “WHAT? THERE’S A NEW GAME? DON’T YOU WANT TO PLAY THAT NEW GAME?” and actually went for leonardo’s route.

    i seriously don’t get the premise… it’s so flimsy that if i blinked my eyelashes would punch it into pieces. i do see that the endings are divided into like foreveralone end and “true” end though, which means that there may be more behind the premise than just “going to oz for my bday and getting a random bfriend”. who knows. please review heartman (he looks like possible yandere/haraguro =P)




    idk he may be too sensitive for me I can’t deal with those angelic types I’m so not innocent enough for that xD

    but what if he is haraguro or yandere that would be crazy … I think I’ll get the bad ending

  3. This is my first non ninja game, and it is boring. I chose Leonardo because I’m a Leo sighn lol but this story has no point, unless it’s cliche and like the blue wizard guy will try to over through Solomon, or the black wizard try’s that. It could be that if she doesn’t fall in love (in an unrealistic time frame) then Leo , crowlie, and heart man, will all revert back to there old forms. Also what the hell kind of note does a farm girl from that time period leave?! In NO way would it be ok for a girl to be hon for a week or more with out proper supervision, she was turning 17 and not married which ment she was to be home to protect virtue

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