Voltage Inc: After School Affairs — Rikiya Mononobe “His POV” Review

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This is going to be really short… because, well, it’s really short and there’s nothing to really comment on.

There are a few scenes that are extra from the main route, and those are cute because you get to see him interact with the other teachers (and get to see a bit more of the other teacher’s personalities). For instance, Rikiya and Shinichi (the dude with the glasses) seem to be pretty close. There are three scenes in this POV route that are just those two talking about things. I wish I would have gotten more information on their relationship than the short scenes provided.

I suppose why there’s not much to comment on is that… well, a lot of it is rehash from the main route. Things I wanted to know, like what he was doing when he and MC weren’t together, wasn’t really elaborated on. Instead we had rehashes of conversations from his point of view and they’re predictable because you already inferred how he felt during the conversations with MC, if that makes sense. There’s no new insights, no new information. And to make it worse, it’s not as well-written as the main route from MC’s point of view so it’s a rushed and boring read.

A couple of scenes from his main route that I wanted to see his POV from, like the big fight in the warehouse that was a really high tension scene in the MC’s route… isn’t touched upon at all. And it goes to the aftermath, and well, I didn’t like that scene much in the original route, let alone the rehash.

So, to be blunt, it doesn’t really give you any special insights into Rikiya’s character, which disappoints me because I enjoyed his character and wanted to learn more about him. bummer

I think I’ve been spoiled by SWD or something, because I’m really disappointed there aren’t any CGs in this special route. I can’t remember if Voltage did CGs in their “His POV” side stories before, but not doing one and asking a $2.99 price tag is pretty frikking lame.

I would wait until this is on sale to buy, as it is I can’t recommend that you’re getting you’re money’s worth.



The two moments worth screencapping:

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