Manga Renta: The Salacious Showbiz Manager ~ Boss’ Orders: Use Your Body

Ah, Manga Renta. It is my weekly dose of comedy gold. The titles are so specific to whatever you would want to read, both sweet and spicy, that I crack up reading them every single time. I am easily entertained, yes.

So, in my usual mood for reading trashy romance, I decided upon this one because of the cover. I thought I was getting a love triangle.

I was wrong.

I was so, so, wrong.



holllywhat Warning — This review will contain a lot of adult situations and languages. If you are under 18, leave. If you are a pervert like I was at that age, go ahead and read but this is my disclaimer and I’m sticking to it.


So, redhead in photo is Haruka, also known as Inuko. She used to be a hotshot manager/talent scout for Usami. But one day she was fired and when she tried to find work elsewhere, she discovered she was blackballed by the entire industry. So now she works as a janitor for an entertainment company, IBEX, to pay the bills.

At IBEX, she sees a talent that she scouted before she was fired, Roma. She tries to hide but it’s to no avail. Her boss, Ichi Inukai, is someone that she trained at her old job two years ago. He was a lazy ass, so she constantly scolded him. Inukai’s mother, president of Usami, is the one that blackballed her for bullying her son at his job.

Roma tells Haruka that he liked working with her the most. Inukai offers her a special job. She’s stubborn and refuses at first, but gives in the next day. He tells her about the second aspect of her new job — keeping the talent satisfied.

You know what that means, right?

So she’s with Roma and he’s eating her out, then Inukai comes in and starts sexing her too. halp Okay, so the three on the cover wasn’t for a love triangle, it was for threesomes! ugh Oh my god what the hell did I get myself into… if it’s this far in the first chapter, what are the rest of the chapters going to be? How extreme is it going to get? wut

So Roma has a fetish and it’s that he likes to see a girl fucked before he gets to fuck her. Idk if it’s truly cuckolding or not because it’s more like he gets off doing threesomes rather than the idea of being inferior to another man. Anyway, all Roma does is eat her out. He refuses to go balls in (hehehe get my pun hurrr) even though his fetish is specifically spoken about.

She’s with Roma at some shindig and he wants to sex her so she does a beej and he does his tongue dance.  Next page, she’s placed in charge of another talent, some boy I forgot the name of but he’s young so I called him Shouta. So they’re at a CM shoot (why not audition? Because as you will see this author just makes this shit up as she goes) and the director is this sleazy looking dude and ofc he wants his reparations for Shota getting the part.

She’s like noooo I have to save his ass (literally!), and the director is all “I swing both ways so get your ass over here” and she does. He wants to watch her use a vibrator so she does, then he grabs it and anal rapes her with it. The next day Roma comes and the director goes and squeezes his butt and we all know that Roma sleeps with that director, but since he’s not a shouta she doesn’t save his ass. Afterwards she hugs him and cries and apologizes for being a shit person for not saving his ass (literally!) She thinks she’s falling in love with Roma.

She goes to complain to Inukai about it and meets his fiance in the corridor. She is your typical haughty girl and insults Haruka a bit before leaving. She goes to Inukai’s office and starts complaining about the director, but he sexes her up because he can be nasty with her and his fiance is a pure bird or something stupid like that. I feel like this author had a personal quota of a sex scene every five pages or something.

The CM shoot has turned into a drama (or something) because there’s a new actor in town — an older man who is apparently super well respected in the industry. After the shoot is over, he and the director approach Haruka. You know what it means now, it’s been more than five pages.

So when it’s over, she has dinner and Roma comes and comforts her. He blindfolds her and starts doing his tongue thang and then she starts getting sexed up and she’s all “yeah roma give it to me” but he takes off the blindfold….


AND IT’S INUKAI and she’s sads because she wanted Roma’s dick not Inukai’s she’s thirsty for it maaaaannnnnnn

but Inukai taunts Roma like all “look at me bitch u know u want it i know u like watching pervert” and Inukai continues sexing Haruka while Roma masturbates in the corner.

I have no idea about this scene either, because this is the first time he’s acted like that? idk Inukai takes her to the bath to sex her there too but she gets all upset and tells him to gtfo

And then she was caught having the threesome with the old actor dude and the director by FIANCE OF INUKAI, who is the GRANDDAUGHTER of the old actor dude and fiance wants her o-u-t

So Inukai drives her away and talks shit, then drops the bomb


And they makes the loves in his apartment because apparently she’s not in love with Roma anymore, she loves INUKAI, no ICHI because she says his name during the humphump now. That’s how much she loves him.

I know five pages ago she was crying because it wasn’t Roma’s dick in her.

So his fiance sees her leaving his apartment and Inukai’s like “you stupid bitch u fucked up now”

Let’s forget that he’s the one that brought her there mmkay?

so he dresses her like a dog in a collar thing and sends her to this party sponsored by Usami and tells her to steal talent

by steal talent, he means sex up all the talent in the room

and sex them up so good they leave Usami to be represented by his company, where they can sex her every day

I wish I was making this up.


To be honest, I checked out right around the time where she was like “I HAVE TO SAVE HIS PURE ASSHOLE” and kept reading to see how horrible it could get. So she’s at the party and she gets gangbanged then Inukai watches and gets all hard so he goes and just sexes her in front of everyone in the room.

Yes, I thought Roma was the one with the fetish. Who the hell knows anymore.

So while this is happening, Roma sees shouta and he tells him that he is leaving Ibex for Usami because Haruka is a whore even though Haruka saved the purity of his asshole.

So then they’re at another party. Haruka sexes some talent of Usami. Then Inukai’s mom shows up (remember she’s the prez of Usami) and is like “You fucking whore and you shitstain of a son” but Inukai drops bombs and insults her to the point she cracks and has a breakdown, then he goes and sexes Haruka because why the fuck not I have no clue what is even happening anymore it’s like the barest of plots in between sex scenes




oh yeah,


















Anyway, that’s the end of what has been released and it’s been a trainwreck.

Zero hearts, why do I waste my life reading this shit

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  1. LOL oh my goodness your review was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your summary/thoughts on it more than I would have the actual story (jk what story ^^;;) I mean I’m all for smutty romance but there has to be a semi-consistent story…somewhere… ψ(`∇´)ψ

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