How I Became a Romance Novel Heroine Manga Review

Manga Renta is an online manga rental service available as an app or your browser. You buy tickets, which are $1 each, and buy parts of a manga at a time. Depending on the manga, it could be anywhere from 1-4 dollars a chapter. At the time of this review, How I Became a Romance Novel Heroine‘s first chapter is free, and there are six chapters total, so it is $5 for this story.

“Are you wet?” He reads me a passage from his romance novel, and then touches me to see if I’m turned on…What is this?! The pleasure has taken over me, I can’t think straight…!! I’m an editor for romance novels, but I’ve never actually had a boyfriend. The one day I finally decided to try on sexy underwear, the string came loose and they fell off on my way to work! Too embarrassed to even look back, I rushed to the meeting with my new author without wearing any underwear at all. But…why does he have them?! “You’re the only one who can be my new model.” Suddenly,his body is on top of mine,and he’s telling me I have to be the model for his sex scenes…What should I do?!

The… synopsis needs a little elaboration, I think hahaha nervous

So, Tsubaki is a romance novel editor that would like to transition to literature. She became an editor because she read a book that changed her life. Her best friend works for an adult product company and tells her she’s too old to be a virgin, and she needs to wear racy underwear to feel more confident. The next day at work, she’s going to meet a new author, and she decides to wear the panties. The panties are held by little strings, and since she didn’t tie them well… well, the underwear fell off while she was running. wutthe Oh my god, how embarrassing! She’s too embarrassed to pick them up and continues her trek commando.

Well, that new author she’s supposed to meet? He happened to pick up those underwear. And he’s a bit of a lecher, and by that I mean he writes steamy novels and he wants to act them out with her.

The setting was initially cute, but the scenario is classic steam hahaha kyaa

Anyway, it will play out as you expect — they have a sexual relationship, she starts to fall in love with him, but she thinks he doesn’t love her. bummer It turns out that he wrote the book that changed her life under a different name, and she ended up changing his by showing him her worn copy of his book that she carried around everywhere with her. She’s offered her literature job, but she declines it to continue working with him. star1

Hmm, I was kinda disappointed by that ending, to be honest. I would have preferred her go into her dream literature job. I mean, they’re going to see each other out of work anyway, and it’s not like editors need to be there every single day every single minute the writer is writing. They don’t deal with that. mmhmm

But overall, I thought it was a cute story, and the steamy moments are steamy enough for my preferences. Though him being the author she admired was predictable, the second part, how she brought him out of his depression with by being a fan (and she didn’t know he was the author of the book at the time) was a nice touch. Her best friend sneaking company products into her bag (which of course Saijo will find and subsequently use on her) lead to some comedic and steamy moments. happy1

Buy it here! Be warned that it is a steamy manga, and the cover image isn’t exactly work or company appropriate.

It’s not the most creative steamy work out there, but it’s still a fun read.


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